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We know you have questions and concerns about your current situation.  Below is important information to think about, as well as what to be prepared for.  You can also contact us if you want to talk or take advantage of a free telephone consultation.

Do I need an attorney?

The first question to be addressed is whether you have a legal need. If you are sufficiently concerned about an issue such that you have taken the time to read this website, you should at least speak with someone to either confirm your concerns or allay your fears.   This can often be resolved with a 5 minute telephone call.  The call is free.  Let us help you understand your situation better.  Call us.

Is the cost of an attorney justified?

Sometimes an issue can be resolved by taking a few steps yourself.  We understand that legal services can be significant and are often unbudgeted.  If we can point you in a direction that you can handle yourself, and allow you to save money this time around, we’re happy to do so.  We just hope you’ll call us again when you have a problem that can’t be resolved that easily.

How do I select an attorney?

It is important to match your problem with an attorney with the appropriate level of experience and ability to handle your challenge. We have several attorneys in our firm with differing levels of experience in many different areas of the law.  Further, our attorneys routinely collaborate on assisting with matters within their areas of practice.  In other words, we have a big enough team to provide a team approach – all with the goal of making sure you receive the best representation possible.

What are my responsibilities?

You will need to help your lawyer help you.  This means some homework.  You have lived your situation and are intimately familiar with the details.  We are not – at least not yet.  You will have documents and background information that will be essential to your case.  When you receive a “homework” assignment, always be prompt in gathering the requested information and getting back to your attorney.  We work best through email, so if at all possible we appreciate your willingness communicate in that fashion and to scan documents to us in a .pdf format.  Alternatively, we can scan and convert any documents you bring to us in hard copy.

How should I prepare for the first meeting?

After you have had an initial telephone conversation and determined that you need representation, we will generally schedule an “in person” meeting.  Clients usually find this desirable, but it isn’t mandatory.  We represent many out of state clients, most of whom we don’t meet in person until/unless a case goes to court – and sometimes that never happens!  Either way, prior to or during the first meeting we will need the relevant documents, a list of people with information about the matter, and copies of relevant documents.

What should I expect from the first meeting?

First, you will be welcomed in a professional manner and made comfortable by our attentive staff.  Smiles are still free, and we are not stingy about handing them out at each visit!  Upon meeting with one of our attorneys, with your documentary information in hand and after a more detailed discussion, we can give you an outline of what we expect to happen, how long it will likely take to resolve, and the anticipated cost or fee structure.  While we don’t have a crystal ball – and there are no guarantees in life or in the law – we do have extensive experience in resolving problems by means of the legal system, and we will take whatever time is necessary to explain the process to you.   You will be asked to complete a Client Intake form, which will contain your contact and background information.  You will also receive a written fee agreement spelling out the terms of our representation.

What should I expect after the first meeting?

We will communicate with you.  This means we will keep you advised in a timely fashion regarding new developments in your matter.  We will write or call you at least once a month, even if nothing of consequence has happened on your file (unfortunately, legal matters often take weeks and months to resolve, not hours and days).

Unless your case is being handled on a contingent basis, you will receive a monthly statement showing the fees and costs which have been incurred on your file.  Please contact us immediately if you feel there are any discrepancies.

We use paralegals.  Please show them the same respect and courtesy that you provide to our attorneys.  They are important members of our staff and may be contacting you as well.  They have your attorney’s ear, and they are routinely involved in the handling of your file.  Please respond promptly to their requests.  If you need to reach your attorney, and your attorney is not available to take your call, please contact your attorney’s paralegal.  They can often assist you.


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Put our experience and expertise to work for you.  We strive to provide you with outstanding service and to keep you in the loop during the entire process.  Communication is a critical and important part of our process.  Tell us how we can help.

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